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About MonoSeal

MonoSeal liquid roofing material for sustainable future made by Prokol !

MonoSeal is a cold applied, pure polymer waterproof coating developed by Prokol Coating Group from the Netherlands. This hydrophobic pure polymer has been in the industry for over 35 years and developed for long lasting waterproof applications without zero. MonoSeal designed for the specialized Prokol applicators in the world, became first class and its application arena was varied, from repair in pipelines, roofing, refueling, joint filling and so on.

The applications are endless. MonoSeal is now available on the open market and has quickly become the number one choice of the specifier, asset owner and end user for all waterproofing applications, roofing, refueling and structural protection. The Dutch people have lived below the water table for decades and have become experts at dealing with constantly rising water levels. There is no short-term solution or opportunity for the Dutch, so products that are suitable for purposes without maintenance are crucial. A common belief among the Dutch is "why repair a defective product with the same product?" This leads to a repeated maintenance situation with higher cost. The Dutch do not believe in maintenance, so they design their products to live the entire product or substrate to which it is applied.

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