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Slightly elastic polyurethane-based 2-component solvent-free synthetic floor with exceptional abrasion resistant properties for the finishing of floors in the construction, industrial and bodywork sectors.


Exceptionally durable and slightly flexible abrasion proof floor finish for floors in warehouses, workshops, balconies, terraces, walkways, sanitary areas, kitchens, the food industry, and related applications. The product would be treated with decorative color flakes or mineral anti-slip granules.


  • A comfortable finish due to its elasticity.

  • Available in all colors.

  • Chemical resistant.

  • Impact and wear resistant.

  • Completely waterproof.

  • Non-thermoplastic to retain surface hardness even at hot temperatures.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Zero emissions

Polyurethane is renowned for its extremely durable and flexible synthetic material. All our PU flooring solutions are tough, heavy duty and specially developed to service environments with the highest possible hygiene standards. Combining durability and performance, the polyurethane floor finishes are seamless and aesthetically pleasing, which are ideal for modern environments that are customer facing.


There are lot of industrial flooring products in the market. It is important to understand that price is not always the only factor most important can be right assessment about considering the right kind of material for the facility and/or intended purpose.

Liquid Synthetic Materials for Sustainable Future

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